It wasn’t easy coming into a new country and a new culture starting from the bottom rung of the ladder. But that’s exactly what Berny did. Through hard work and determination, Berny forged his own path to success. And he believes every individual in our great state can reach their potential through the freedoms granted by our Constitution. That’s why Berny will always stand up for your personal freedoms—our Founding Fathers granted us these unalienable rights to achieve the American dream!

Safe Neighborhoods

  • Support our law enforcement officers and first responders
  • Push for strong penalties for criminals
  • Defend our 2nd Amendment rights

As Assistant State Attorney, Berny was on the front lines with police and victims of domestic abuse. Berny has the experience upholding the law and working to protect our rights. He has seen firsthand the devastation crime can have on our neighborhoods, and he will work directly with community members to ensure our streets are safe and that crime has no place in Pinellas.

Berny will prioritize working with our law enforcement and first responders to support safer neighborhoods that we can feel good about. He’ll also take action to ensure violent crimes, theft, and destruction of property are punished before the law. And he’ll stand strong to defend your Second Amendment rights — because the good people of Pinellas deserve the right to protect themselves and their families.

Strong Economy

  • Cut taxes and burdensome regulations
  • Attract new jobs to our area
  • Fight wasteful government spending

Berny knows that creating a business-friendly environment doesn’t just help business owners—it helps our communities thrive. That’s why Berny will fight against government restrictions and wasteful spending that choke small businesses and hinder job growth. And as a community leader, Berny knows what it takes to bring more jobs to Pinellas. Because when the Pinellas economy wins, we all win!

Smart Schools

  • Support our public schools
  • Provide parents with choice in education
  • Advocate for skills training that prepares students for the workforce

Berny knows firsthand the incredible value of education. Berny came to America as an immigrant fleeing political oppression. Now, he is a community leader and public servant with a law degree from Stetson University.

Berny wants to ensure every child has the opportunity to succeed. That’s why he will support school choice so that parents and students have education that is tailored to their needs. And he’ll stand up so our public education system has the resources to provide for every child.

Berny believes in smart education that prepares our children for the future — and he’ll work tirelessly so every student has a shot at the American Dream.