State Rep. Berny Jacques Files Local Bill Bolstering Youth Sports and Recreation in Pinellas County

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Earlier this week, Representative Berny Jacques (R-Seminole) filed legislation that would abolish the Greater Seminole Area Special Recreation District and transfer the district to the Board of County Commissioners of Pinellas County; which will use the transferred property exclusively for recreation purposes and continue to house what is known as the Seminole Youth Athletic Association (SYAA) sports fields.

“Part of a pro-family agenda is making sure that our youth have great recreational services in their community,” said Representative Jacques. “This bill ensures that the SYAA ball fields will continue to be there for our Seminole youth for generations to come!”

Since being elected to the State Legislature, Representative Jacques has made well on his promise to cut red tape and promote family values. This legislation allows for a seamless transfer of property to Pinellas County, and will maintain and greatly benefit our youth sports in the process. Representative Jacques urges his colleagues to consider and support this bill as it moves through the legislative process.